A Hello from Three Times A Mom

Starting off 2019, I’d like to thank everyone who has begun to watch our adventures!

I’d also like to apologize for our delay in content and posts.
Here we are, 3 weeks into January, and I haven’t done much. Mom life has kept me busy and it seems as if with the end of winter break comes the beginning of chaos.

Real life resumes, and it comes in like a winter storm.

We have upcoming IEP meetings, dental appointments, kindergarten sign ups, activity sign ups, and the list goes on.

We also will be beginning the evaluation process of getting Lawson diagnosed very soon. So there’s quite a bit going on with our family this year, and the plan is to share all of that with you with some creative flair!

Take a look at what we have been having some fun doing:

Three Times A Mom is my creative outlet, but it has also become my thought outlet too. Thus bringing my newest section of the blog “Loving Lawson“, where I will be sharing every step of our journey with our lovable Lawson and autism.

For those of you who don’t know, Lawson is my three year old son, my youngest boy, my middle baby. He has autism, although he does not have a diagnosis, yet. We are currently awaiting his first appointment.

We are going to be sharing every step of that journey.
As a mom of a child with a special need like autism, I find myself googling everything.
So, if I can help ONE family find some answers or prepare for an IEP meeting or prep themselves for any part of this by sharing our journey; it’s 100% worth it.

Although not everything I share will be just about autism, hence the purpose for it’s own section(and Instagram), Loving Lawson.

Three Times A Mom will remain a place for everything motherhood. Having three children aged 5 and under provides me with lots of great material. It also gives me an excuse to do fun projects and crafts, and it gives me exclusive access to some super cute models for photography!

This blog is a safe place for all parents. A place for super moms and dads to come and find support and relief from the crazy world of parenting. It’s also a safe place for those incredibly super parents of special needs children.

A place where we can ALL come together and share our stories. A place where all parents can be accepted and find positive support.

It’s a place where I want to be honest about the struggles of parenting and also a place to share the triumphs too. And a place to share everything in between, the good, bad, and the ugly.

It’s also my outlet, as I said before.

It’s so easy to get caught up in life, so I like to take “creative breaks”. Be it a craft or silly activity, I feel it’s important to create moments when we can relax, dream, create, and find the light in life.

I hope you find something here to make you smile and maybe something to relate to. I hope this blog can somehow brighten your day.

Happy 2019! May we all have a wonderful year!

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