Launched in 2018 as a community and haven for creative mothers, parents, bloggers, and small biz superstars. This site is aimed to help aid the everyday multi-tasking parent. 

Here you will find parenting tips and experiences, resources for parents and bloggers, fun food and craft ideas, and lots more! 

Hi, I’m Lyndsay!

I used to shower daily for personal hygiene, now I do it for alone time.

I’m a mommy to three remarkable children, a sassy cat, and a playful puppy. I’m also the better half in a very loving relationship. I am blessed to be a stay/work at home mother. I spend pretty much all of my time with my family. My favorite hobbies (when I’m not doing mom things) include indulging my pinterest addiction, playing with my letter boards, and watching tv with my cat. 

I started this website because I wanted to blog about motherhood. But as I started exploring and creating, my ideas just seemed to grow larger. I am not just interested in sharing my own story anymore, I also see the opportunity to connect and share stories of other parents as well. The ultimate goal is for this site to be a safe place for parents and children to learn and grow through life together.

Here at Three Times A Mom, you will find stories about my own experiences and tips from those experiences as well as tips and experiences from others. You’ll also find crafts and fun ideas for yourself and the littles. Not to mention, lots fun ideas for holidays and lists on lists on lists. 

Why I Started Blogging

Selfishly this blog is my safe haven. I started blogging shortly after my grandmother died. She was my best friend and my inspiration most days. I could always call her and talk about ANYTHING.  Losing that was not easy, especially as a young mother of three young children. I lost my outlet, my person to bounce all of my ideas off of. And shortly after that, I found out that my three-year-old son probably has Autism. (Which inspired the first post I wrote for this blog: The Word “Autism” Has Changed My Life )

After that; I started writing and blogging more and I started using this as my outlet. What I found is remarkable. Although the internet can be a scary and mean place, I found a lot of comfort. I discovered that the internet was full of moms like me, and mom bloggers like me.

I’ve gotten to know other parents and I’ve been thanked for sharing about my life. Which made this even more important to me. My hope is that I can help other moms and parents with “problems” similar to my own and I hope to inspire a few smiles along the way too!