Awesome Gifts For The Awesomely Autistic Kiddo!

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If you have been reading my blog, or my Instagram, then you already know that I have a three year old son who has autism and sensory challenges.
As we’ve been gearing up for Christmas, I started realizing it was a struggle to find toys that I thought would please him and be safe for him. So the idea for a list of this nature was born! 

Here you’ll find toys and gifts that I think would be a great fit for kiddos with autism. Of course every child and every case of autism is different, it’s definitely not one size fits all. BUT this list may give you some ideas if you’re struggling buying for your kiddo or if you have another kiddo close to your heart to shop for. 

I hope you find something you’re kid will love! Happy Holidays! 

And finally, HAPPY SHOPPING! 

  • Sensory Bubble Lights – These things are so cool. I’m personally waiting until I don’t have a toddler running around to get one of these for my kiddo. But I have no doubt that he would love it! The calming lights and bubbles are perfect with kiddos who struggle with sensory processing. 

  • Twiddles  – are playful activity/comfort aids that help people of all ages with a range of sensory-related conditions. they are soft, safe and washable. Designed to keep hands and minds active and engaged, or soothed and calm. The Twiddles company was kind enough to send my son a Twiddle Nathan and he absolutely loves it and even sleeps with it. It really helps calm him when he needs it most. 
  • Sensory Balls – there are so many kinds available and they’re an extremely affordable gift. They’re great for children with sensory needs and those without. 

  • Chew Necklaces – perfect for the mouth sensory seeker in your life and toddlers. Obviously supervise your children when they wear anything around their neck, but these can be incredibly calming for kiddos who love to chew on everything! 

  • Wobble Seats – These cute little seats are so fun and affordable. My son’s OT specialist showed me these, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. 

  • Bilibo Seats – another fun seat for sensory seeking kiddos are these Bilibo seats. My son’s OT therapist also showed me these and we loved it! 

  • Liquid Motion Bubblers – they can be used for timers, or for fun. Extremely captivating and interesting for any child, especially sensory seekers. 

  • Tents – tents, especially ones with stars or cool lights are fun for all kids. My little sensory seeker loves twinkle lights, and twinkle lights inside a cute little tent make the perfect calm zone. 

  • Sorting Eggs – these were a huge hit with my kiddos. They love matching the eggs and my little boy loves to line them up and sort them over and over. We actually have two different types and sets. 

  • Tangles – these little things are so cool, I even had a set as a kid myself. You can take them apart, put them back together, and twist and mold until your heart’s content. 

  • Tablet – We have three of these Amazon Fire Tablets, kids edition. The wonderful thing about these tablets is the app Freetime by Amazon. It allows me to be able to let my children control their own experience on the tablet and still know that they are safe. You can select age ranges and parental limits. BUT the best feature? 2 YEAR WORRY FREE GUARANTEE. No questions asked, if your kid breaks it, they’ll replace it. FOR FREE. 

  • Trampoline – This is actually one of my kiddos gift from Santa this year! There are quite a few affordable choices out there, and this is the perfect gift for a kid who craves movement. I even found an indoor one for two kids that I wish I would have seen sooner! 

Happy Holidays! 

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