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Loving Autism is a safe place to talk about the triumphs and struggles of parenting children with Autism. A place where I will be sharing our family’s journey with Autism and also a place for others to share their stories as well.

As I have started to join the world of Autism, I have become an overnight advocate. By no means do I claim to have any type of “superior” knowledge on the subject. I am just a mom with two boys that I believe are on the spectrum. A mom, just trying to navigate this journey as best as I can and advocate for my children at the same time.

As of March 2019, we have not officially received a diagnosis, yet.
I feel it is important to disclose this information as I may not always specifically disclose it in every post.

So why talk about Autism when it’s not been officially confirmed that my children have it yet?
Because we know that my youngest boy does. It is no question really. And with my older son, it’s been a little less obvious but nonetheless there. They are both educationally recognized as children on the Autism Spectrum and have IEP’s. They each have a team of teachers, psychologists, and therapists dedicated to helping them learn outside of our home. We have already gone through so many changes in our lives since we started down the Autism road and we are just getting started.
That made me want to share our journey, even before a medical diagnosis. I feel that by sharing the journey from the very beginning and sharing step by step our process and experience, that it may be helpful to others. By sharing our story, I hope to inspire others to share theirs, to spread awareness, to talk about Autism more, to start conversations.

Together we can spread awareness and support.
Together we can make a more understanding and accepting world.  

I’d love to hear from you! If you’d like to send me a message or share a story, please contact me here

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