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Tis’ the season to be holly and jolly. The best way to achieve this? 
Well the answer is wine, Duh! 

Who doesn’t like a good glass of wine? I mean, it’s pretty much tradition in my family to have wine with Christmas Dinner. Which also means it makes the perfect gift for the holidays! Fortunately I’ve found the perfect service to do this through, Winc

Wine On Your Doorstep

Winc provides the service of delivering unique wine to your doorstep, or your loved ones, each month!
You can give the gift of monthly wine, or you can gift it to yourself!
AND you can also browse gift boxes and their selection of wines for a one time gift. 

2017 Kin & Country Cabernet Sauvignon – $18.00

from: Winc

How Does It Work? 

Winc helps you create a “Palate Profile”, where they ask you six questions to determine your unique taste in wine. Then they will send you wine tailored to match your unique taste. 
Then, after you have tasted your wine, you can go back and rate your experience with the wine to receive even better recommendations. 

Sounds like heaven right? Coming home to a hand picked wine just for you. To make it even better, Winc promises that you will NEVER have to pay for a bottle of wine you don’t like. You can also skip months, any time, free of charge. 

Deal For The Holidays

It’s not called the season of giving for nothing right? Right! That’s why I’ve got a deal for you!
As a special Pre-Black Friday sale, you can get $28 dollars off your first order!  $28 Pre-Black Friday + Cyber Monday

Looking for something for yourself while you prepare for the holidays and get your gift shopping done? Ready to Receive Your Exclusive Wine in 1-2 Days? Get Started with Winc Today!

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