I’m Thankful For My Partner

Today I want to talk about how thankful I am for my partner. Though I should probably start off with how he is so much more than that. He is not just my partner; he is my rock, my biggest fan, and my greatest love.

And I feel so thankful to feel that way.

I am so thankful every day that I found someone to journey through this life with who loves me and my children more than himself.  He often puts our needs way above his own. He does everything the “Man of the House” is supposed to, in every way. 
But this is starting to sound like a very cliche post.
Today, I don’t want to thank him for all the things he knows he does, I want to thank him for the things that often go overlooked. 

The Little Things

Every day my love does something special for me. Even if it’s as simple as a random soothing hug because he sees that I need it. He does something every day that lets me know just how deeply he loves me. I think it’s high time I thanked him for some of those things. 

So, I’d like to say thank you to my love for…

…always pressing the snooze button for me, truly this means the world! 

…bringing home alcohol when he knows it’s been a hard day. 

…attempting to get up with the kids on the weekends without waking me; of course my super mom hearing prevents me from taking advantage of this! 

…rinsing his dishes before he sets them in the sink. 

…being my handyman at a moments notice. 

…indulging me when I talk about Grey’s Anatomy. 

…always being a source of comfort for our kids when they’re sad.

…being present for all of the special moments in our lives. 

…never complaining about all the piles of laundry around our house.

…taking all the “hard” conversations with our kids. It’s amazing to watch him explain life to them. 

…always making sure the car is running and taken care of. 

…telling me I look beautiful, even on my worst days. 

…showing our children how to respect their mother.

…remembering my fast food favorites, and knowing my decision before I do.

…indulging all my crazy ideas and plans. 

…always being my yes man and biggest cheerleader. 

So, I’m Thankful

I’m so thankful that he does all of these things and so much more. Unfortunately, I probably don’t say “thank you” enough. All of these things get lost in the shuffle; overlooked as we make our way through the chaos of life.
So that’s what makes this week, my “Week of Thankfulness” and Thanksgiving so special; it reminds us to slow down and appreciate all the things we have to be thankful for. 

Let’s Take A Moment

So, this week, let’s take a moment to be thankful for our partners. Let’s take a step back and look at all the things they do to make our lives easier, even in the smallest of ways. And let’s say “Thank You!” 

How does your partner make you feel special and loved? What do they do, that they might not even realize they do, special? 
I love hearing from you guys! 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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