I’m Thankful To Be A Mom

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and it has me thinking of all the things I am thankful for. I could probably write a list of a hundred things I am thankful for, but I’m betting a lot of those reasons could be filled under “being a mom”. So even though my little turkey’s drive me crazy most days, I am most thankful for them and so thankful to be their mother. 

Motherhood Is A Gift

Not every woman who wants to be a mother gets to be. There are lots of women who cannot have children, no matter how hard they try; and there are lots of women who have to put in a whole lot of effort in order to become a mother. This makes me realize that I have even more reason to be thankful that I am a mother.
Because I wasn’t one of those women, becoming pregnant was “easy” for me. I became a mother three times over within three years. At times, I have even thought that I’ve been blessed with more motherhood than I can handle. And this seems unfair, unfair to the women who wish to be mothers but cannot be. Which makes me thankful, every single day, that I have this opportunity and honor. 

Being A Mom Is Not Always Pretty

Contrary to what I’d like to be and present, motherhood is not pretty. It is full of chaos and it is literally dirty. From the baby stage and up, kids are disgusting. Keeping those little faces and hands clean is a full time job and you get paid in sticky kisses and dirty floors. 
When they aren’t leaving a mess you need scrub clean, they’re leaving a trail of toys in their wake. 
Motherhood will drain your energy and leave you with split ends for days. I haven’t had a proper haircut in years. But, what it gives you is worth this all. It’s worth the sleepless nights and the bags under my eyes. It’s worth everything I have. Because it gives you love. 

The bags under my eyes are in exchange for precious moments spent comforting my child. 
My hair that hasn’t been washed in three days and is tied up in a messy bun, is in exchange for a few more stories before bed. 
My old, tired wardrobe is in exchange for my kids ever-changing one. 
And my cute shoes have been traded in for comfortable mom shoes so I chase after my little loves. 

The exchange is a no-brainer. I would gladly trade all of my sleep and the remainder of my beauty to be a mother. I would not trade my children for anything in the world. I’m thankful to be blessed with reasons to love something more than myself. 

A Great Responsibility 

Being a mother is a great responsibility. You’re entrusted with another life, another human that you need to raise and mold into a good person. Easier said than done. Which is why I believe that it is so important that I remember to be thankful for being a mom. I have been blessed with another human to love and cherish. I’ve been blessed with this enormous responsibility. I have been blessed with opportunity. I am blessed and I am thankful for every moment of motherhood. 

Why are you thankful to be a mom? 

Let me know in the comments below! I love to hear from you guys! 

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