Twiddles: Therapeutic Sensory and Memory Support Aids

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Christmas came early for my little Lawson this year! And of course, by association Liberty got a present too. 

What did they get? Twiddles® ! And they love them! 

What are Twiddles® ? The most amazing accessory for my little one with Autism, and honestly it’s probably the perfect gift for any sensory seeking toddler. 

What Are Twiddles? 

Twiddles® are very playful activity and comfort aids that help people of all ages with a range of sensory-related conditions. They are soft, safe and washable (yes, already tested this).
Twiddles®  are designed to keep hands and minds active and engaged, or soothed and calmed.
There have been more than 25,000 sold since 1997, because they provide an affordable, drug-free therapeutic alternative for people with dementia, developmental disabilities, autism and other sensory-related conditions.

A Blessing To Us

If you have read my article “The Word “Autism” Has Changed My Life” then you understand a little about how our lives have been affected by my 3-year-old’s Autism. 

And, if you’re a parent of a kiddo with Autism, you REALLY want to check these out! 

Twiddles® have been a great addition into our lives. Lawson loves them so much, especially the Twiddle Nathan.

He even goes to bed with it now and is obsessed with the little sensory ball that can be attached inside.
With the “weighted” feature of this particular Twiddles®, it makes it even more of a comfort for a child with Autism. 

Twiddle Nathan won a 2018 Creative Child Award for Product of the Year and is a Certified Autism Resource and it’s very easy to see why.

It comes with fidgets that include:

  • a very satisfying silicone chewie
  • a textured crackle pouch
  • an attractive braided tassel
  • a cheery duck patch
  • soft orbit ball
  • a Velcro® pull tab which can be used for attachment to a backpack, belt, walker, or wheelchair.
  • textured zippered pocket for personal items
  • name tag

And you can be put at ease to know that the Twiddle Nathan is lightly weighted with inaccessible packets of plastic pellets that are sewn into the body for weight that provides a comforting feeling of extra security and stability.

Best of all, for a momma like me anyways, is that it is machine-washable and dryer-friendly! Just remember to remove all the gadgets first! 

How Does It Help?

Twiddles® are therapeutic resources for children and adults with Autism; designed to help calm, engage and self-regulate. 

Many people with Autism, my son included, struggle to make the “proper” brain connections to find the “just-right” zone in their world. Twiddles are said to help with that. 

I had hoped that by having something to occupy and stimulate Lawsons hands, he would be able to focus on tasks more easily.

So I was really excited to see how we could work it into our routine to help with some of our more overwhelming moments.
And honestly, he gets more out of them than that, and I’m astonished! 

They are extremely soft and have multiple features for fidgeting, which is perfect for him! And they are the perfect size for a “tag-along” friend. 

We’ve been experiencing some struggles when it comes to bedtime, and now with his Twiddle Nathan in tow Lawson goes to sleep a lot calmer. I think the “light-weighted” feature of that particular Twiddles®  is something he is really enjoying also.  

He can be found around the house with his special items in tow and now his twiddles is one of them. He clings to it in moments when he is feeling overwhelmed and moments when he is relaxing. It’s quickly becoming his favorite accessory. 

It’s a great outlet for his anxious fidgeting and it’s adorable too! I imagine that it will be a favorite of his for a long time to come. 

If you know child with Autism, I highly recommend this product as the perfect gift! Twiddles really are an amazing therapy resource and are perfect for home therapy and safe-spaces at schools. 

Check out Twiddles at!

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